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Quotation & Order System

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Activity Management For Quotation

Quotation Tracking

We provide quotation tracking solutions that help businesses track the progress of their quotation processes, ensuring that they are on schedule and delivered on time.

Activity Management Dashboard

We provide an activity management dashboard that displays the current status of each activity in the quotation process, enabling businesses to monitor the progress and take corrective actions as necessary.

Automated Notifications

We provide automated notifications to alert businesses when activities are completed or delayed, enabling them to take corrective actions promptly.

Collaboration Tools

We provide collaboration tools that enable businesses to work together on quotation processes, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page and delivering a high-quality service.

Quotation & order Management processing steps in a SAP

  • Sales Inquiry: The customer sends a sales inquiry to the company expressing interest in purchasing a product or service.
  • Quotation Creation: The company creates a quotation based on the sales inquiry and sends it to the customer for approval. The quotation contains information such as product or service description, pricing, and delivery details.
  • Quotation Approval: The customer approves the quotation, and the company converts it into a sales order.
  • Sales Order Processing: The company processes the sales order, which involves tasks such as checking product availability, scheduling delivery, and preparing the invoice.
  • Delivery: The company delivers the product or service to the customer based on the agreed-upon delivery date.
  • Invoicing: The company generates an invoice for the customer based on the agreed-upon pricing.
  • Payment Processing: The customer pays the invoice, and the company records the payment in the system.
  • Order Completion: The company marks the sales order as completed in the system, and the transaction is closed.
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